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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Blogging rules.

Hello everyone!!
I’m so excited about our new PE blog, it will be a fantastic way of us sharing our learning between ourselves and others.
However, we need to remember to follow a few simple rules so that we stay safe and get the most out of our blog.
Please follow the blogging rules:
1. Only use your first name when you comment.
2. NEVER reveal any personal information – your address, phone number, etc.
3. Be polite and respectful – don’t post anything that could hurt anyone. Remember – even if your opinion is different, we must ALWAYS respect that other people’s thoughts and feelings may be different from our own.
4. Remember, all posts and comments are checked by staff before they are approved on the site.
If there is anything you are unsure of, just ask!
Apart from that, have fun! Lets make our PE blog fantastic!
Mr. Garcia.


  1. yes i agree with these rules

  2. i will all ways bring my pe cit.

  3. i like the rules that you have made i am agree whith the rules.

  4. i am agree whith your rules